Go for it!

Having taken off the sins that easily ensnare us, we are free to run the race destiny has set before us. With our purpose in mind, we can run towards our destination with patience. Your goal as a child of God, made in His image, is to showcase God’s glory. Your life is to bring glory. You are to experience the fulfilment of the purpose of your existence.

You are made for the top! What do you desire to be in life? What is the ultimate that you want to achieve? Go for it now!!!!


If you are married, you can have a happy home; you can win the favour of your husband. Submit to him in the Lord and your reward is guaranteed. Let the change begin with your mind and attitude and, right before your eyes, true love and tranquillity will be in your home.


As a real woman, you have good self-esteem; you are not inferior to anyone. Understand the times and seasons of your life and do not compare yourself with any other person. Always bear in mind that no one is perfect.

You are born to solve problems and as you go for your dreams and goals this week, I decree help from heaven for you. You will not be stranded in Jesus’ name.

In His Love,

Nike Adeyemi




Created for purpose



Woman, God did not make you to frustrate you. He did not create you to die in the shadow of someone else and you ar4e not design for mediocrity or a poor quality life. There is more to you your life than changing diaper and washing dishes. You are not made to carry children alone but also visions in your womb.

You are created to make the world a better place and put sunshine in people’s lives and this is because you have something to shine about. Good and precious gifts are hidden in the core of your spirit. These treasures cannot manifest except you step beyond the false barriers of men’s tradition, critics and the many faceless fears.

As a woman you are created to give God pleasure by fulfilling your purpose. You are made to give life. As a married woman you are your husband helper, you are the right woman to meet his intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical needs and as a homemaker you can make your home a haven for your family, consciously depositing goodness in the life of your kids, family and neighbors.

As you step out this week in line with God’s purpose for your life, I trust God to send you help.


In His love