God, the Builder.

imagesFLQKVJ22Men and women build what they want, it could be business, a home, a career etc. However God is the ultimate builder of all things. whatever we build in the physical realm is only trying to catch up with God in the spirit realm. Please be reminded that God created all things by Himself and these includes our homes and marriages.

If you will embark on a project especially a sensitive one as building a family you need to consult with the Builder of all things, the One who declares the end from the beginning; God Almighty who starts what He alone can complete. Get the blue print from Him, sit down and plan. Think on what your home would be and count the cost of building such a home before embarking on it.

Many people stumble into the building of a home and when they get halfway they find-out that they lack what it takes to continue, they run out of steam. Have you heard the phrase “I didn’t bargain for all of these”. God is our helper, “unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain who build it.” Follow His instructions, Let Him show you the blueprint m He is the architect and planner. we are wise when we obey His word.

Work hard at your relationship, marriage and family this week and whatever input you put in will be rewarded by God.


In His Love

Nike Adeyemi




To Build a Home


Everyone who wants to build a home wants a successful one . But success does not just happen, there are conditions which needs to be fulfilled in order to realize this. God is the builder however He cannot do beyond our willingness to co-operate with Him.

Family life is a sensitive area of our lives and the society, its an institution which God Himself established and wants to be glorified in. It is for peace, joy, and harmony contrary to the fear, unhappiness and dis harmony in many homes today.

Marriage is the oldest institution and was created by God amongst other things for companionship and the raising of Godly children and our children are the target of the enemy so we should raise them with great power and a sense of responsibility.

The building of our home is a divine assignment and must be well, we cannot afford to be careless with itelse we will be toying with the destinies that are linked directly and in directly to ours. As you step into this week, I pray you grace to build your home in ways that are glorifying to God.


In His Love

Nike Adeyemi

Limitations of a Real woman


There are certain limitations of women and several of these obstacles are silent in force and work against the God-made destiny of some women. They include traditions and cultural perspectives; man-made ideas, and mental attitude towards women. Regardless of these limitations you can be free by allowing Christ Jesus the advocate and defender of all who are despised and rejected. He is your defender, the liberator of your soul and  your very present help in need.

God is interested in fighting for you as a woman, He may not speak to your accusers to stop tormenting you but He wants to speak to you. He wants to give you words of wisdom which is knowledge of what to do, that will set you free from these hindrances. You are created for exploits and heaven is set to release resources into your hands however are you ready?

Ready to step out in faith, ready to look beyond your personal needs, ready to climb above or walk through all challenges until God’s purpose be fulfilled. This is your week to make positive history by positively impacting the live of others around you. Go in this thy might!


In His Love

Nike Adeyemi



No man or woman was born to be completely alone; everyone needs relationships. We need at least a person to help us at any given time, no matter where we find ourselves, whether the person is older or younger or our contemporary. Hence, it is important for us to relate properly with people so it becomes easier to access God’s favour through them.


The first relationship that needs to be in place is the vertical relationship with our Maker, God Almighty, through His Son, Jesus. It is such a unique privilege to be able to relate with HIM, who made and knows all things. It is such an awesome opportunity! Accept Jesus today by believing in Him and this would open up a new dimension in your life.


Allow me remind you that the next best relationship is with yourself, yes, yourself! Please learn to love, accept and forgive yourself. Have a healthy self-esteem. Like yourself the way you are even as you work towards a better you. When you have learnt to relate properly with yourself, then you can relate well with others, without an inferiority or superiority complex.


I pray as you step out this week that God will open your eyes to see and maximize the beautiful relationships you’ve been blessed with.

In His Love,

Nike Adeyemi