Take the mask off!

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There are certain limitations of women and several of these obstacles are silent in force and work against the God-made destiny of some women. They include traditions and cultural perspectives; man-made ideas, and mental attitude towards women. Regardless of these limitations you can be free by allowing Christ Jesus the advocate and defender of all who are despised and rejected. He is your defender, the liberator of your soul and  your very present help in need.

God is interested in fighting for you as a woman, He may not speak to your accusers to stop tormenting you but He wants to speak to you. He wants to give you words of wisdom which is knowledge of what to do, that will set you free from these hindrances. You are created for exploits and heaven is set to release resources into your hands however are you ready?

Ready to step out in faith, ready to look beyond your personal needs, ready to climb above or walk through all challenges until God’s purpose be fulfilled. This is your week to make positive history by positively impacting the live of others around you. Go in this thy might!


In His Love




Little foxes and the Home

There are so called foxes that destroy the home, while they may seem to be small they go along way to eat up the grapes, the sweetness, peace, honor, prosperity even children of the family. These are things like forgiveness, wrong association, unbridled tongue, ingratitude and the like.

Be careful of the company you keep. “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.” If you keep ungodly friends, there is no way you can succeed in family life because according to the bible, “evil communications corrupts good manner.” They would corrupt; they do not have good counsel for you. Disengage from every association. I mind the places I go and who I call my companion. Your friends determine the kind of life you live.      Becareful with your words, don’t run on negative words, being angry or provoked is not excuse.


Ingratitude is also a destroyer, watch it and check your life. Murmuring and complaining is bad and God hates them because they are signs of unbelief. Do not be like the children of Israel, do not murmur towards God, complain against your spouse and family members. Be grateful to God, regardless of whatever you seemingly lack in your home. Do not miss out on the help of God.


In His Love,

Nike Adeyemi

The woman as a Builder.


A woman is ordained to build the home, she is first of all a helpmeet for her husband. She is to all that she can to make his life better, she should minister to her husband such that his heart will fully trust her. Woman as a wife, you are not cheap, you have worth “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord”. You are good woman, you cause your husband to have favor. You complement him and make up for his weakness. You cover and do not expose him.

One of the most important things a woman can do in building her home is to pray. She must pray for her husband and children. You have no choice but to pray that your husband should move forward in life. When he moves forward your life moves forward as well because you are one. Have daily communion with God where you remember your husband and children. many children’s destinies are shaped on their mothers knees.

Woman, you are to obey and submit to your own husband. This is your God given way of expressing true love. When your heart is adorned with meekness and quietness you will be able to trust God and submit to your own husband. This is a major key in building a successful home. the man is the head and for the sake of peace and harmony the hierarchy in the home must be maintained.

Wife be warm and kind, be a true homemaker, let your hospitality increase, pay good attend to the emotional and physical needs of your husband. Its a privilege to have a home and to be on the giving side. Go in this thy might!


In His Love

Nike Adeyemi

The man as the builder.



When God was instituting marriage in the beginning, He started with Adam and then He made the woman and brought her to the man. man you are the focal point in the home, everyone else came from you. You are the head and every part of the body is linked to the head via the brain. The head is the thinking face, its the head that gives instructions and direction.

Man you are the motivator, you are full of ideas to be carried out for the ultimate good of the family, the eyes is also located in the head, so you are expected to see for your family. You must see ahead, get a vision from God; for your life first and then the whole family. Write down; make it  plain that your wife and children and those living with you can read it and run with it. A visionless man has no business being a husband or father. You must have a job, a career and an assignment.

Man you must provide and protect. You must protect your family, your wife is to feel secure, your children are to feel protected by your presence and you must also provide for your immediate family before every other, this is a God given responsibility. if you have difficulty doing so, I pray you Gods help and in this new week the Lord will make a way for you and cause fruitfulness in your field in Jesus name.

As a man, husband, and father you are also the priest in your home, have right standing before God and constantly lift your family unto God and leading them to God consistently in your words and actions. As you step up into your God given role this week, I decree angelic intervention on your behalf in Jesus Name.


In His Love

Nike Adeyemi