Merry Christmas from Nike Adeyemi

DSC_3289   From my family and I, i would like to wish you a truly beautiful Christmas. May the essence of the season in the person of Christ, becomes real to you and may your life be built on the foundation of his love.

During this season, endeavour to reach out in love to others who are in dire need of love; reach out to the destitute, orphans, widows and the poor in your community.

Through you, let someone know and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


To Build a Home



Everyone who wants to build a home wants a successful one . But success does not just happen, there are conditions which needs to be fulfilled in order to realize this. God is the builder however He cannot do beyond our willingness to co-operate with Him.

Family life is a sensitive area of our lives and the society, its an institution which God Himself established and wants to be glorified in. It is for peace, joy, and harmony contrary to the fear, unhappiness and dis harmony in many homes today.

Marriage is the oldest institution and was created by God amongst other things for companionship and the raising of Godly children and our children are the target of the enemy so we should raise them with great power and a sense of responsibility.

The building of our home is a divine assignment and must be well, we cannot afford to be careless…

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God, the Builder.


imagesFLQKVJ22Men and women build what they want, it could be business, a home, a career etc. However God is the ultimate builder of all things. whatever we build in the physical realm is only trying to catch up with God in the spirit realm. Please be reminded that God created all things by Himself and these includes our homes and marriages.

If you will embark on a project especially a sensitive one as building a family you need to consult with the Builder of all things, the One who declares the end from the beginning; God Almighty who starts what He alone can complete. Get the blue print from Him, sit down and plan. Think on what your home would be and count the cost of building such a home before embarking on it.

Many people stumble into the building of a home and when they get halfway they find-out that…

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