Parenting Tips

”Train up a child in the way he should go when he is old he will not depart from it” To be successful in parenting you have to teach your children to Father helping son (7-9) with homeworkhonor and obey the word of God. When you want obedience it should be because you want your child to obey God. when they disobey you will be able to remind them what the word of God says Children honor your parents it is because they need to have someone that they can see like a God figure in their lives. As a parent you are the God figure; if the child can learn to obey and take your instructions, the child would not have problems obeying God even when you are not there.

Know your child’s temperament, children are different; you have to study your child. Take your time to read about temperaments, make your child a project and know your his or her temperament. Carry out a personality test on your child and over a period of time you will know the personality of each child. Ask them questions do not just assume.

Mentor your child; these are protegees that you have free of charge whether male or female. This is the time to pour yourself into your childrentrain-your-child-to-pray-arti and impart them. Take your time to teach challenge, inspire and encourage your child. Love, guide and accept them. Be there number one fan/cheer-leader and right before your eyes they will blossom and become good and godly child.

Take time to be a parent and a friend to your child, let them be in your world, let them see you pray, pray together, share stories with them, see them as your primary ministry, do not hold them to impossible standards and finally constantly intercede for them.

Yours Truly

Adenike Adeyemi


Raising Wealthy Children

$_32Raising wealthy children means raising children that are responsible and successful in life. It is important to raise wealthy children as parents and parents to be. We must take heed on how we live our lives and have a proper and godly lifestyle because children learn more by what they see and not just what they are told.

As you live your life, have the mindset that you are not living for yourself; you are not alone, there are generations inside you and the decisions you take today will put your children on a particular pedestal.

The word here is Responsibility…..our children must grow up to be responsible citizens. That is the ultimate. So we need to teach them to be hard working and responsible. Let them pick up some good habits right from now and it is best when they pick them from us.

We must teach them to depend on God. When our children were younger, we taught them to depend on God especially when they asked for something. Sometimes we can afford it on the spot, sometimes we cannot afford it but we tell them “go and pray and ask God” or we pray together about it. And though God most likely will still bring that item through us, whether it is a bicycle, cloth or whatever it is, they learn to depend on God.images
We must also let our children know how we have come about our wealth and let them know God’s part in it. We must let them know our financial history and where we are coming from. We must teach them about tithes; that they belong to God and must not be touched. Don’t be afraid that they would turn fanatic; it is a good foundation for them to have. Teach them how to pray so they can learn to love God.

We should break the hold of selfishness and teach them to share from the decisions they make, questions they ask and everyday events. We cannot assume they are too young to learn or understand. Poverty, lack and selfishness are habits taught and caught from childhood.

Lastly we must teach them to have a continuous learning culture, to develop positive character traits and to learn to save from the little they have per time. As we consciously groom and prepare the stage for our children to be responsible financially, God will honor our faith and water our seeds, causing a bountiful harvest in their lives.


Yours Truly,
Adenike Adeyemi

Mother & Daughter- Part 2

mother22“Here am I and the children the Lord has given me! We are for signs and wonders” Isaiah 8:18.
This post is aimed at strengthening the bond between the mothers and daughters, and between girls and their fathers within the context of the family. I quoted a Russian proverb in the last post, “Family is the safe island in an unknown sea.” The functional family is an asset to anyone within it. Hence, a tremendous blessing to any society or nation.

Today, we have so many dysfunctional families. Girls as well as boys fall victim of such families. Young girls seem to suffer the more; the consequences of not being protected, covered, sheltered in their youth. Being sexually assaulted is one of the most devastating damages that can be done to a girl/woman.

Let us nurture our tender roses else they will grow to be thorns, which will hurt their generation and the ones to come. In some societies and races, a newborn baby girl is despised but a boy is celebrated for various reasons that are only tantamount to rejection.mother23
God loves us equally irrespective of gender or tribe. Let us also see our young girls as promising and full of potentials. What we see is what we get. What do you see in your young female? What do you see beneath the frail and the fragile frame? What is she capable of becoming that you don’t know right now?

One other way in which you can love your daughter is by creating an atmosphere of acceptance around her. Celebrate her with hugs and kisses. Hold her hands; embrace her till she tells you it’s too much. Don’t leave her at the mercy of unloving people. When you can’t be with her, tell her why, for mummy must go out to meet other needs for a while.

We must appreciate at this moment those who care for children of others without a wrong motive; those who are mothers yet have none of theirs yet – that mother in Israel, that business woman whose employees suck from her breast of compassion and that woman who has made orphaned and motherless children her business.

“Pure and undefiled religion before God and the father is this; to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”(Isaiah 1:27)
Be inspired by this poem.
“When you need someone to talk to,
I hope you will talk to me.
When you need someone to laugh with,
I hope you will laugh with me.
When you need someone to advice you,
I hope you will turn to me.
When you need someone to help you,
I hope you will let me help you.
I cherish and love everything about you,
My beautiful daughter.
And i will always support you
As a mother, as a person
And as a friend”.
By Susan Polis Schutz


Yours Truly,
Adenike Adeyemi

Mother & Daughter

mother1I would like to share a few thoughts concerning our relationship as mothers with our daughters and vice-versa. This is the first in this series, as I would delve more into this in subsequent posts in order to encourage and strengthen the bond between the female genders in the family.

A Russian proverb says, “Family is the one safe island in an unknown sea.” Within or without a complete or functional family, the mother/daughter is crucial as well as the father/daughter and other relationships. Our focus is on the daughter; that young girl of today who goes from infancy to childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

All within the nurture, care, training and supervision of God-given assignment of motherhoodmother2 undertaken by a mother or mother figure. Daughters were made by mothers who were daughters made by mothers and…. unbroken chain. Love your daughter.

It is not too late to begin to love your daughter. She is a precious gift to you from God. See her as God sees her. She is not a liability; she is your God-given pleasure now and in the years to come.

She is not to be an object of abuse, nor of confusion but of joy and peace. One way in which you can love your daughter today is by speaking good, beautiful, excellent words to her. If you find it difficult to do so, think about her when she was a little dot in your womb. Yes, you might have had to bear some pain, but think of the fact that you gave her a name and she has the potential to bring you fame.
By her, you are known as “mummy”… i.e. the mother of so and so. Think of the good memories you have of her, focus on what she is capable of being. Think about her smile of contentment while she is/was in your arms. Think of how much she had to depend on you for food, security and much more.

Be inspired by this poem written by Jean Lamey;

DAUGHTER… Within you is an idea,

A voice of youth, And a promise of achievement still to come,

Within your hands, Are special gifts and talents, Within your mind is the source of your dreams,

Within you is the strength to carry your dreams to completion, Within your heart is the desire to meet the world on your own terms,

And i never doubt that you will, You are strong, you are wise, You have a dream; you have a spirit and confidence,

I never knew you have faith, You are your own person, And you always will be,

Within you is something so precious and rare, Within you is the promise of the future, And I believe in you.

Mother, you are the solution to her emotional problems. As lawyers solve legal problems, doctors- health problems, mechanics- car problems, preachers- spiritual problems, so do mothers solve their daughter’s emotional problems. You are the hope your child has.

Speak God’s word over her life, speak greatness, speak encouragement, speak tender, loving words, comforting words to her and she will blossom right before your eyes.

I must add, be patient too. Just as she did not grow to this size overnight, it will take time for these words to grow in her. Just make sure they are right words; “A word fitly spoken is like apple of gold in settings of silver” Prov. 25:11 (NKJV). “Here am I and the children the Lord has given me! We are for signs and wonders…” Isaiah 8:18 (NKJV).

Yours Truly,

Adenike Adeyemi