The man in your life and when there is none. Part 1

four-seasons We understand that the world was framed by the word of God (Hebrews 11:3). The world here stands for seasons, times and dispensations. Thus, the seasons of our lives can be framed by the word of God that we have. You can frame your destiny by the word; be it marital, financial, or career. Whether there is a man in your life today or not, you must have the word of God in your heart and mouth and not just in the pages of your Bible or study notes.

If there is no man in your life yet, pray to God and hear what He has to say about the issue and then be at rest, knowing that it will happen just like He said. Just in case you have a man in your life but he is not yet saved, you also need to pray for him to come into the kingdom of God. woman-reading-bibleYou need the word of God that you will hold on to as you wait for the Holy Spirit to carry out the work of salvation. However, if your marriage is perfect, you still need to have the word of God to help you remain in tune with your husband at all times and to guarantee that the devil does not stealthily come in onto your blessing. We therefore, all need to have and hold the word of God close to our hearts and mouths at all times.

So, the starting  point to having God’s word in your heart is having a relationship with Christ. Then, you will release His word through your mouth to frame your life so that His word forms the borders around your life. In Genesis 29, we read the story of a man, Jacob, who loved Rachel and desperately wanted to marry her. Though the Rachel’s father agreed that Jacob could marry her, he deceived Jacob by giving him her older sister, Leah. Since he really wanted his original choice, Jacob became married to two sisters within the space of a week and the Bible records that he loved Rachel and hated Leah (Genesis 29:18).

There are several points to note in the above story that will help every one of us live the kind of life God wants us to live whether we are married or not yet married. I will mention the points in the second part of this post.


In His love
Adenike Adeyemi


The Man in Your Life and When There Is None (Part Two)

I will like to share a few insight with you from the story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel in Genesis 29:18. These points will help every one of us live the kind of life God wants us to live, whether we are married or single.

hearinggodBe Sensitive to the leading of God and not your flesh. It was after Jacob slept with Leah and woke up in the morning that he realized that he had the wrong woman. We need to be in tune with God. I discovered that both men and women need to stay in the presence of God, you must continually hear from Him. Jacob should have known that something was wrong, but he was deceived. You see, it doesn’t matter if you were deceived into the marriage you are in right now because there are all kinds of deception. Some people say that “I thought he was a born again Christian”, “we used to attend the same church” etc. But then you eventually you got married and he brought out his bottle of beer and a stick of cigarette, and really showed you his true colors.

Don’t give up. God will have mercy on you. Of course, God expected you to have been wiser and led by the Holy Spirit but God will still take care of you because He loves you. Was it Leah’s fault that she was hated? Some women are in such situations but the word of God tells you to hold on. So you should hold 102789_wallpaper-460322on. Do not give up and do not be weary in well doing. Believe that something good is at the end of the road for you and that God has not abandoned your case.

Look up to the Lord for your salvation draws near. There is nothing too hard for the Lord to do. God is able to turn your husband’s heart to your favor. God is able to turn the situation around for you. He is able to turn the circumstances around but while you wait for the change, don’t give up, don’t cry and don’t be depressed. Look up to God and move on with your life.

God wants to get your attention, even in that situation. In Leah’s case, she had the picture frame of Jacob on her table, but in his own picture frame she was not there, Rachel was there. While for Rachel her frame contained her husband’s picture and this was reciprocated. For some of us, it might be another woman, his ego or his job that is in your husband’s picture frame (Men were created to work don’t get me wrong). As for Leah and all similardevotional1 situations, God wants to get our attention through different avenues. For her it was by opening her womb. Your husband might not love you but know that God loves you. Love God and hold on to Him and trust Him to do what He wants to do in your life. God opened her womb, she was having sons and because her focus was not on God initially she wanted to use the sons as a weapon to get her husband’s love, but it didn’t work. Jacob still had eyes only for Rachel. Later on Leah became pregnant again and had a son; she named him Judah, for she said: “now I will praise the Lord”. God finally got her attention.

It is not only disadvantaged women who should give God their attention. If your home is perfect and united, you must also realize that God is the source of it all and give Him your full attention and praise.

In His love,

Adenike Adeyemi