You can overcome

First and foremost I would like to let you know that no matter how great your challenges are God is much bigger than them all. God is bigger than obstaclesevery problem or any mountain you can ever see or think. If you look at God instead of your situation then you will overcome. Remember the story of Peter who saw Jesus walking on water while he was with the other disciples in the boat. He asked Jesus if he could do the same, to which Jesus said yes. He stepped out and walked on water, but when he began to look at the storm he began to sink; when he refocused and looked at Jesus he brought him out.

You have to realize from now on that you cannot handle your challenges alone; the one who knew you before you were born is available to help you. He knows about the problem upfront because nothing takes him by surprise. Call on him so as not to labour in vain. Let God show you the way and help you overcome that challenge.

Do not fear – This is one of the things you have to do to overcome whatever you are facing right now. God said that we should not fear because he knows that there are things that would intimidate us in this world; things that would cause us to be afraid.  Today, there are so many challenges going on in the world such that there is gross darkness as stated in Isaiah 60 verse 1. Wherever you run to, there are challenges there too, but make sure you stay in the presence of God, for he that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. Wherever you are, ensure God’s presence is with you.  David said in Psalms 23 verse 4 that he would fear no evil because God was with him. There are three hundred and sixty five (365) places in the bible that says do not fear. That means you have enough do not fears for the whole year. The bible also says do not fear what they fear. This is the time to look beyond our fears and look up to God. God has a strategy for his children and those who look up to him shall be saved.

walkerWalk by faith– God’s thoughts towards you are thoughts of peace and not of evil. He has good plans for you, so align your thoughts with his. The Bible says as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. When the situations around you are not exactly how you expected them to be, that is when you should walk by faith. You have to believe the word of God because he says you have overcome in first John 5:4; “and that this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith.” You have to walk by faith and not by sight. The word of God says in Luke 1 verse 45 that “blessed is she that believeth for there shall be a performance.” Do not get discouraged, don’t quit, don’t give up, don’t be afraid; without a battle there is no victory. God is with you so focus on him, have faith in him and you will overcome.


This week whatever the challenges may be, look unto God, do not fear, walk in faith and he will help you to overcome.

In His love

Nike Adeyemi


Single and Fulfilled

Singleness is the building block for all human relationships and being single does not mean being lonely.  While it is okay to be single, it is not good to be alone. If you are single, just know it’s a stage in life that gives you enough time to build capacity.

Singleness is also the most important state of human development and it is the foundation of God’s design for the human family. It means to be separate, unique, and whole. Singleness has been confused with being alone. Even when you marry, you don’t stop being single (i.e. separate, whole, and unique).

happyThere is a difference between a married woman and unmarried woman according to Apostle Paul in the Bible. An unmarried woman cares about the things of the Lord that she may be holy both in body and spirit, but she that is married cares about the things of the world and how she may please her husband. If you are single, there is nothing wrong with you; your identity is in God so interpret your life by what God says in his word about you, he didn’t make a mistake when he created you. Your identity is your uniqueness and distinctiveness. Your identity is who you are not what you are. Loss of identity is the reason most singles operate in low self-esteem or a poor self-image, therefore, the first step towards your breakthrough in life is the realization of self.  Your identity is what brings about your self-image. If you don’t know who you are, ask God in prayer to show you.

Secondly, discover what your purpose is, ask God for what his purpose is for your life and ensure to do something about it once he reveals it to you. Walk in God’s purpose for your life and if an opportunity comes to get married, the person would meet you living out your purpose. Purpose must take precedent now over whatever you are looking for.

What does it mean to live a fulfilled life?  A fulfilled life is a life that is at peace with God, fellowshipping with him and living according to his purpose. When you walk with God, life would be fulfilling, sweet and every other thing would be added. You can still live a fulfilled life while still single. I encourage you to walk with God, fall in love with him, know that he is your first husband, hand everything overhul to him and he will make it all beautiful in your life in his own time. Paul established that he was not married; he wrote two third (2/3rd) of the New Testament and was also able to focus on God. This brought him much fulfilment because he brought more converts into God’s kingdom. God is the only one that can give you fulfilment and he has promised never to leave or forsake you.
Take advantage of your single state to grow in your walk with God, you will need it in the future when you get married if you decide to. Partner with the Holy Spirit irrespective of your state, you can enjoy your life and not have a desperate craving as though your life depends on marriage. Marriage is for destiny, it is not just to have another title or respect as some people believe especially in our culture.

Finally, I want to admonish you that while you are still single, focus on God and your purpose.  When God sees that you need a support or helper to help achieve his purpose for your life, he would send someone your way.

In His love

Nike Adeyemi