Captivated by love

The word of God admonished us as His children to love the lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to also love our neighbour as ourselves. We are commanded to love God passionately and be captivated by his love. If we can understand his love, so many things would fall in place in our lives. God’s thoughts towards us are deep, giving us a future, hope, and an expected end.  His love is not an ordinary love; it is unconditional
with no strings attached.

God is love and that he loves you is not just a cliché. I want you to believe in the love that God has for you with deep conviction; be rooted and have

loveeconfidence in it .You should trust in his love even when you feel unloved or unworthy; believe and receive his love that was made available to you through the blood that Jesus Christ shed on the cross for you. When doubt sets into your heart about God’s love for you, don’t allow it, just hold on to God’s love. Whenever you are tired, burdened and don’t feel loved or feel like loving, just ask the Holy Spirit to help you love God passionately. Sing love songs to God! Yes, the songs might not sound well to you because you think you don’t have a sonorous voice; just minister to him all the same because he enjoys your worship. God’s food is worship, he loves to be adored. Tell him, “God I love you, help me to love you more and let your love be perfected in me”.

When you think deeply about his love it will give you grace and strength to love others. If you refuse to love people, you are yielding to the flesh and not to God. Ask the lord to help you love the way he loves. Ask God for the grace to love your spouse even when he or she is unlovable, also to train and nurture your children in love.

cpIdolatry is one of the greatest sins against God because he doesn’t want us to have another god besides him. Many times we do not know we have other gods in our hearts; it could be money, jewellery, shoes, clothes, our face, our body and some other things we have entrenched in our hearts. Such attitudes communicates to God that he is not our number one or priority despite the fact that we say and sing that we love him. When in love with someone, you pay attention to the person and the relationship grows, you should also pay attention to your relationship with God.


Check your motives, whatever you do to serve God should be out of love. Don’t complain about what you do for him; see it as a privilege to serve him. If you grumble when serving God, it is a pointer to the fact that your love for him is waxing cold. Ask him to take you back to where you first loved and received him.

Finally, I want you to make a decision this week to love God forever. Walk with him, commune with him and also take your strength and identity from him. I encourage you to go on a new level in your love walk with God and he will also lavish his love upon you.

God loves you.

In His love

Nike Adeyemi