The story of the woman in Luke 12 verse 10-13, who had a spirit of infirmity, is such an interesting one. She had the spirit of infirmity for eighteen years and she was bent over in a particular posture that was challenging and not good at all. She went to the synagogue which is like church in today’s world; she kept on going every week, not giving up, but continuing to trust God for her healing. On a particular day as usual she went to the synagogue and Jesus was there, he saw her, addressed her situation and she was healed; free at last!

I would like you to know that no matter the situation or circumstances you may be in right now, God sees you, and you should take comfort in  that fact. People may not see you or be able to do anything about your situation, the one closest to you may not be able to help or deliver you, but God sees you. It is good to always look up to God and trust him no matter the situation because he sees you and wants you healed, he wants you to overcome those challenges and overwhelming forces that seems to be beyond you. Whatever the issue, it may be an addiction, physical or emotional issues that has kept you in a challenging state for so long; I want to encourage you to cast your issues upon Jesus because he cares for you. There is deliverance and freedom available for you in Christ Jesus.


Looking at the story, we can see that the woman couldn’t lift her head up because according to the bible ‘she was bent over’. This means she was always looking at the ground, at her feet and as such she couldn’t see the sun or the sky that were above her; all she could see was the ground and she had been in that situation for eighteen years. Jesus healed this woman. He said to her, “Woman you are loosed of your infirmity,” and he laid his hands on her and immediately she was made straight and glorified God. This woman must have tried different things before she was healed. You may have also tried all you can to overcome that challenge, you may have tried all to get out of that situation, you may have tried all, but with no solution. I want you to know that God wants you delivered and healed; your manifestation is around the corner, it is going to happen because God loves you and his thought for you are of good and not of evil.

Another thing I want to point out from this story is that this woman must have had faith and received some degree of freedom inside her heart which is why she had enough motivation to persist. She kept going to church week after week, until that particular day of her manifestation. Sometimes we have faith for whatever we believe God for, but the manifestation may seem long, I want to assure you that your day of manifestation will come, so don’t you dare give up on God.  Jesus will step into your situation because he specialises at showing up in our situations, he specialises in showing that he is God and he never fails.
Lastly, when Jesus healed the woman, she was immediately made straight. That means her true height showed and every other thing that had been in potential form burst forth. After she was made straight, people would have started seeing her face and her beauty which they couldn’t see before because of her bent-over situation.

I want you to know that people haven’t seen the best of you yet, because you are still in the potential form. When God’s power is at work in your life in a definite and specific way, the manifestation begins to happen and you would be seen in a new light. I pray that God will sort out things in your life and remove things that shouldn’t be there; he will heal and deliver you from anything that has held you down for so many years. He will give you beauty for ashes and make all things beautiful in your life in his own time so you can boldly say….I am free at last!


In His love

Nike Adeyemi




Priority is something that you think is more important than other things and should be dealt with first. It’s about what you really think that matters most to you. Using the story of Mary and Martha as a case study which is stated in Luke 10:38-42, Mary chose the part that was needful while Martha was distracted with much serving. Jesus told Martha, “You are worried and troubled with many things, but one thing is needful and Mary has chosen that good part which shall not be taken from her.”



Your relationship with God should come first; our time with him is not time wasted, rather it enriches our lives. It is foundational for everything we need to do in life to spend time with God. Every other area of our life that seems to be out of place would begin to take shape.  Martha was not just busy, she was distracted with much serving. Yes, there is nothing wrong with serving but the Bible said she was distracted and was troubled. Often times we have a to do list; but some other people don’t even have a plan of what they want to do each day, week and month. Whichever way, we shouldn’t be too busy that we relegate God to the bottom of our list or not remember him all through the day.


Mary chose to spend time sitting down at the Lord’s feet while Martha was troubled about many things. She was worried because she took assignments she couldn’t really handle; an assignment she couldn’t complete alone or she felt she had to fulfil people’s expectations first. In all we do, we have to put God first because he is the author and foundation of our lives. There is a very important lesson here in this story, Jesus said “Mary has chosen the good part which cannot be taken away from her.” That is, the food would be eaten but what Mary has prioritized is something that would stay with her forever. It will give her sanity and strength, which we all need to complete our assignment from God.

It is important to prioritize hearing from God. Don’t worry about trying to please other people. Doing what God expects from you is the solution to worries, troubles and other things that comes our way.  Philippians 4: 6 states that ” Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God’.  Talk to God first and bring him on the scene concerning the situation. Say “Lord I need your strength and wisdom. You will be surprised at how God will sort you out because his ways are not our ways and his thoughts not our thoughts, as the heavens are higher than the earth so are his ways higher than ours.


We also need to look at our relationships, prioritizing it after God is also needful. Don’t take your life out of balance. Relationship with spouses; children and bosses should be balanced because there is a contract and covenant based on your agreement with them. When you prioritize, you are able to drop some unhealthy habits because you have spent time reading God’s word which has the ability to change you. You will not be affected by what other people do but you will still find time to connect with them and make them feel loved. When you spend and invest time in your relationships, it helps you to break the hold of self centeredness.

Lastly, it is important to prioritize your assignment. Pay attention to the assignment that God has given you. Do it diligently and effectively. Strive to please God and not man. Remember you will give the account of work done on earth to him and not man. As you go into this week, I want to encourage you to check through your priority list and make adjustment where necessary. Ensure to put God first in all you do.

In His love

Nike Adeyemi