Love Forgives

When we confess our sins to God, he forgives us and cleanses us from all unrighteousness, he wipes the record clean. He doesn’t bear grudges or use our past against us. God expects us extend this same level of grace to our spouses, siblings, children and all others He has put in our lives.

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When you find yourself struggling with unforgiveness and you remember that Jesus paid for your sins, it should help you let the offense pass. God’s forgiveness is the reason you are born again in the first place, if you acknowledge that to be the truth, receive grace also to let go.


You may have been deeply hurt and may still be suffering the physical or emotional consequences of the offence; as long as your relationship and connection with God is still intact His presence will comfort and strengthen you.

In the Bible, there is s story of a man whose master forgave him a huge debt. Somebody else owed him just a fraction and he dealt with the person severely. When his master heard, he said “I forgave you so much yet you threw your debtor in jail…” He was punished for it.

Don’t get stuck in the place of pettiness and unforgiveness, let go of bitterness and every hurt. Receive grace right now so you can be free to move on.

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I assure you that certain breakthroughs and promotions that have eluded you till now will come when this release happens in your heart.

I pray that God’s love will envelope you and heal every hurt in Jesus name.

In His Love.

Nike Adeyemi.


A Solid Foundation

In Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus compared hearing and doing His word to building a house on solid rock, it is not in only listening but doing the word that you will have a solid foundation.


Why is it so important to have a solid foundation? It is because only a solid foundation can help you and I weather the storms of life when they come. At the point when the storms show up, it is too late to do any work on the foundation, all you can do at that time is pray and trust God’s mercy to prevail.

Every building has a sub-structure and a super-structure. The sub-structure is what is built beneath the ground. Good builders know that that the deeper you go into the ground to lay the foundation, the more solid the foundation is and the higher the building itself can rise.


Building crew often spend months at time, laying foundations for buildings and during that time it seems like there isn’t much going on at that site because the results are not yet visible.

It may seem right now like you don’t have much to show in your life for all your study and commitment to service, rest assured that the building of your life is going on beneath. The word of God builds character in us that enable us to stand when the tests of life show up.


When our lives are solidly built on God’s word, we truly become a blessing to our world. We are able to love and nurture other people because we are grounded ourselves.

God wants us to have roots planted firmly in Him so that we are not tossed to and fro by every calamity going on in the world. With all the troubles going on in the world around us, we should stand with our trust firmly in God and His word.

I pray for grace and strength for you to stand firm in Jesus name.

In His Love.

Nike Adeyemi

Humility Brings Favor

Favor comes from God and it positions you to receive goodness from the people around you. God’s favor makes people desire to be associated with you, they are kindly disposed to you and you are singled out of the multitude.


This divine favor is your portion as a child of God, especially when you recognize that it comes from God and not your natural efforts or scheming. When you are favored, people would wonder what qualified you for where you are. Your life will be colorful and will be a marvel many.

Favor, most times is the difference between that person who seems so blessed and the other that isn’t as blessed. When favor is at work some people ignorantly excuse the blessings away by concluding that there must have been human intervention somewhere along the line.

Don’t make excuses to explain away God’s favor in the lives of others, tap into it and pray for same grace and even more. Esther in the Bible was favored of God and her humility was a major factor that qualified her for this favor.

Esther found herself in the running to become the next queen of Persia even though in the natural, she had no superior qualifications, she was an orphan, she has no connections and was a Jew. She was talked into entering the competition by her uncle Mordecai who was also her guardian.

In Esther 2:9, the Bible says that Esther found favor in the sight of Hegai, the manager in charge of preparing the women for the pageant and he readily gave her what was due to her and many extras she wasn’t qualified for. She started enjoying the favor of the palace even before she became queen.


Humility is a key that opens doors that may have been shut to others before you.


Proverbs 29:23 says “Pride brings a person low but the lowly in spirit gain honor”. When you are humble, God draws near to you and you are favored expressly.

I pray that God’s favor will rest on you and produce supernatural results in your life in Jesus name.

In His Love

Nike Adeyemi

Pass On Your Faith

Timothy in the Bible was a young pastor who was still growing in the Lord yet Paul recognized that some work had been done in Timothy’s life which he (Paul) couldn’t take responsibility for.

He encouraged Timothy to stir up the gifts of God in Him. Paul came into Timothy’s life to mentor him to the next level, he encouraged and taught him but not without acknowledging that he met faith in his life.


The faith was in his grandmother Lois and in turn passed on to his  mother, Eunice.  (2 Timothy 1:5) Apostle Paul was indirectly blessing the women that did the foundational work in the life of Timothy.

Are you doing foundational work in the life of your children to pass your faith to them?

Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. That is how we get faith: by hearing the word of God, by paying attention to it, in church and also at home, having some quiet time getting refreshed by God. There is a surplus of bad news out there and we have to counter it with the word of God.


The word of God says that when men are cast down, we will say there is a lifting up. Our hearts should not fear even with all the bad things happening in the world around us rather, we will be encouraged in faith to know that we and our children will not be part of the problem but be solution providers.

Don’t focus on the environment, yes the environment is tough but we can’t walk in fear because we attract what we fear. Believe that the seed of the word you’ve sown and the prayers you have invested before and after birth are finding good ground.

May your children fulfill their potential and make God proud in Jesus name.

In His love,

Nike Adeyemi.

Marked For Success

Do you believe that you are marked for success? God says that you are!


God’s word is true and dependable and He declares that you are successful in Him, above condemnation and reproach! Walk with confidence knowing that you are a success, even if you fall from time to time, your identity in Him remains the same.

Apostle Paul said in the Bible, Hebrews 6:9 “…..we are confident that you are meant for better things, things that come with salvation”. This is a very powerful verse of scripture that you should meditate on and gain confidence in. It doesn’t matter where you are right now, you might even feel comfortable with your present circumstances; know that God’s best is still ahead.  There is always a better place for you because you are meant for better things. Say to yourself constantly “I am meant for better things, I am more than this!”


The Bible says that the better things are things that accompany salvation. That means that God has packaged these blessings to be delivered to us when we become saved.  The blessings are things like health, divine healing, prosperity, fullness of joy and abundant life.

Jesus said in John 10:10 “…..I have come that they might have life and have it abundantly”, not just an average life but the best.

Your best days are from now, they are not behind you.


I see God doing something new in your life, I see God turning that situation around for your good in Jesus name. I pray that He will release His mighty favor upon you and bring beauty out of your life in Jesus name.

Go and shine!

In His Love,

Nike Adeyemi.