A Good Reputation

In the Bible, Boaz says to Ruth, ‘’And now my daughter, do not fear, I will do for you all that you request, for all the people of my town know that you are a virtuous woman.’’

Even though there seems to be a shortage of good in the world right now, you cannot afford to live carelessly because God is still at work in you and around you. God said “..don’t remember the former things of old, behold I will do a new thing.’’

One person with the words Good Reputation remains standing with the competitive advantage over many others with bad reputations who have lost

Boaz went further to say “I will do for you all that you request, for all the people of my land know that you are a virtuous woman.’’ Now more than ever,keeping good reputation is extremely important. You should be known for something good; show kindness to people, speak good words into people’s lives.

Do good things and embrace a worthy purpose and be known for something good. Ruth’s reputation went ahead of her. Boaz said“..we have known here that you are a virtuous woman.’’ Of course the fact that she left her homeland and stayed faithful to Naomi who didn’t have anything to offer her was something to her credit. It was a noble deed that her daughter-in-law came with her to be and live with her for the rest of her life.

A gold compass with the words Reputation Leads the Way to symbolize trustworthiness, credibility and popularity -- important traits for a leader

We read further on, ’’So she lay at his feet until morning, and she arose before one could recognize another. Ruth held on to her would-be ‘Savior’ until morning!I encourage you today do not give up at midnight when things seem to be the darkest in your life, hold on till daybreak. Hold on till the morning, the Bible says joy comes in the morning!

Ruth waited and held on till the morning; she arose before one could recognize another. If you wait till morning surely God will cover your shame and reward you openly. God will link you with people who will love and help you reach your destiny.

God linked Ruth with Naomi, even when Naomi didn’t look like she had any value to offer but later on we see that Ruth wouldn’t have met Boaz if not for Naomi. He also linked Naomi with Ruth because at the end of the day, Ruth turned out to be a big blessing to Naomi.

Integrity and related words such as honor, virtue, sincerity, honesty, trust and reputation in 3d letters on a white background to illustrate admirable skills in a person, leader or worker

God is in the business of linking people. He will link you with people to help fulfill your purpose, and would also link people to you for you to help them fulfill their own purpose too.

So, it’s not just about you. Of course, you’d be blessed in the process, but it’s about God blessing you and making you a blessing to others.

I pray God would be glorified in and through your life in Jesus name.

In His Love

Nike Adeyemi.


Purposeful Living

What God has called you to do? Your purpose and calling determines Gods expectations of you. God is strategic with creation and everything was made for a specific purpose.  God allowed your birth because He has a plan for you and because he wants to get glory out of you.

the purpose of life is a life of purpose - text   on a slate blackboard against red barn wood

The Bible says we were created for His good pleasure, to glorify Him. We give God pleasure when we prosper in the areas in the area of His calling over our lives.

It’s not enough therefore, that we worship God all day long in church, there are people out there who we must contact and impact to join in the worship of God.

Whatever it is you are doing, you do it with a difference, because God has ordained for you to do it well.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away - quote by unknown author on wooden red  oak background

Purpose is the intention of a thing or the aim or function of a particular thing. Make your life count, live purposeful everyday! Remain motivated, let whatever you do have meaning, let it be valuable to God.

What did God have in mind for you when He made you? The place of purpose is the place of fulfilment. It’s the place of blossoming, yet not that you have arrived. It’s a place of fulfilment, yet not a place of complacency.

To move into the place of purpose, start by asking yourself “who am I?’’ Be very honest with yourself. Ask yourself questions, get a sheet of paper and begin to put down answers that come to your mind. Even if you think you are already in purpose, ask yourself the questions all the same, because you may not yet be in the centre of what God wants you to do. See yourself as a seed that is planted and watered, it dies but the cell revives and begins to grow into a plant.

The words Live on Purpose cut out on pieces of paper and pinned to a bulletin board to remind you to live a determined, driven, purpose-filled life

The Bible says except a corn of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone (John 12:24) Sometimes you go through situations that are trying and difficult, God will never leave you.

Some of the things we are currently involved in may be distracting us from purpose and will have to go for our true purpose to be revealed.

I pray that God will open your eyes and heart to His true purpose for you in Jesus name.

In His Love,

Nike Adeyemi.

Love and Acceptance

Everyone needs love and acceptance.

happy young afro american female college friends on campus

After the basic physiological needs of food shelter and clothing, the next most important need of a person is to be loved. God is love and out of the abundance of His love, you can be a blessing to the person right next to you even if you don’t know them. Genuine love and compassion gives us the creativity to fix what is wrong around us.

Love is a commandment from God and we have to obey, whether it is convenient or not. We should depend on God for grace to love others the way He has commanded. When people do not feel accepted, they look for love in the wrong places.

Colorful typographic motivational poster to raise faith in yourself and your strength. The series of business concepts on a textured background of an old love. Vector illustration

There is a void in every life that only God can fill and because God is not physically on earth, He wants to love people through you and me because we are his eyes, legs and heart. You are God representative on the earth. God’s word says that you are gods and you are all sons of the most high (Psalm 82:6). So, if God is going to touch someone’s life, he is going to do it through another person. God willmake someone a blessing to you andyou also to another.

Our part is to accept Gods love. When we do, we are able to build solid relationships and Families. The family is under attack these last days but we are must be vigilant.Do not take your spouse for granted, make a deliberate effort to walk in love.

Walking in love means trying to meet other peoples need by finding out what concerns they have and how you can be a blessing.

Hearts drawn on the sand of a beach, soft wave of the sea.

Hearts drawn on the sand of a beach, soft wave of the sea.

Learn constantly from Gods word and ask yourself “How am I building this career, marriage, business, marriage?” Great relationships and marriages are rooted in love and obedience to God’s word.

It is time for us to get over attitudes of selfishness and begin to love, encourage and build up one another.

I encourage you to make up your mind to be a channel of God’s love to somebody else.

May Gods grace rest and abide with you to walk in love in Jesus name.

In His Love.

Nike Adeyemi

Strategies For Influencing The Next Generation

In 2 Timothy 1:1-7, we see that Paul the Apostle was generational in his thinking. Timothy was a protégée of Paul and he was being groomed and mentored by him. He recognized the faith that Timothy had which was as a result of his family upbringing. Timothy’s values were passed down from his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice. Paul believed that that same faith was also in Timothy.

Mother,daughter and granddaughter

The training of children is the only guarantee of the continuation of God’s agenda on earth and Just as Paul took on training Timothy we must take it upon ourselves to groom and nurture the next generation. We must be deliberate in our commitment to groom the next generation. We can’t afford to be casual about it.God trusts those who engage in it with His plans.


Some strategies for influencing the next generation are;

  1. Believe in them

Paul believed in Timothy and had high expectations of him. Young people try to live up to the expectations of people they love and respect, when we believe in them and set high expectations for them, it encourages them to rise up to the standards we have set for them. If you believe, they are capable of doing things right and doing great things!

  1. Teach and guide them with the Word Of God.

Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Young people need guidance and direction, we should teach them early enough to study, understand and apply the Word of God to their lives.

  1. Be accessible and ready to interact

Be close to them. They want to talk but don’t necessarily trust the older generation. Interaction breaks the barriers much better than just dishing out instructions will. They want to be able to reach and touch those who they look up to, they want to know that the role models they see from afar are reachable and are real. Past generations may have been content to see these role models on TV or just read about them. These ones want to interact. It influences them greatly when the leaders they love and admire can be reached. Interact with them and engage them.

  1. Tell stories

We should be real and open with the younger generation. Tell them the truth, show them where the rubber meets the road. Share personal stories freely, be vulnerable with them and don’t be afraid to talk about your mistakes. Reach  out to them,talk to them, show them love. Persist in showing love to them. They may not open up at first but with persistence and love, you will break through the barriers and reach them.

5. Listen and empathize

Parents & teachers especially need to be sensitive to the young ones. Be fun, be lovable, you can reach them more easily that way. Be sensitive to the children around you, they have their own thoughts and ‘problems’ too… We have to see young people differently, with love and compassion in our hearts we will speak kindly to them.

  1. Love and Validate them.

We all need love. Love is a powerful force and is the most defining factor of my life and my work. Treat children with dignity. They are human beings too, just smaller versions. A lion cub is still a lion!

  1.  Protect Them From Predators And Abusers

There are people that want to prey on their naivety. Don’t put them in or encourage situations that compromise their safety.You have to see greatness in your child no matter what, protect that greatness.

Like Pharoah’s daughter in Exodus 2:1-26, we need to have a heart of compassion for children and young people.We are stewards over the children God gives us and those around us. He will pay us for caring for His heritage.

  1.  Get Involved In Social Media

If we want to influence the younger generation, we have to take social media seriously. This is a high tech generation that interacts daily with technology. Be where they are, learn the rules of engagement and interact effectively with them on these platforms.

  1.  Give them Platforms of Expression

Encourage creativity and give them opportunities to express their talents. Invest in them and support them their ideas, give them right education, help them invest in their skills. Give time and money to support their dreams. In the midst of the chaos and high – handedness in the world today, let us train and look to these young ones for the solution.

  1.  Lead by Example.

Be honest, do things right. Be accountable. Don’t act like you are above the law and cannot be questioned so that they can follow your lead.

Influence Leadership Meaning Management Led And Direction

  1. Love & Pray For Them

To sum it all up, love them. Point them to a loving God who they might want to develop a relationship with. Remember them in your prayers. They need all the prayers and help they can get, spiritually, emotionally, socially.Even when it seems they are doing the wrong things and going down the wrong path, don’t give up on them. Guide them.Lead them to a loving God who they might want to develop a relationship with themselves.

Enjoy a release of Gods grace for wisdom to influence the next generation in Jesus name..

In His Love,

Nike Adeyemi.