What Are You Grateful For?

Gratitude doesn’t come to the average person naturally, our natural tendency is to complain and focus on what isn’t working. It takes discipline to remain grateful especially if things are not going as well as you expect. Things could be worse!


Thankfully, there is always something to be grateful for, take some time now to come up with a gratitude list. Even if you aren’t feeling particularly cheerful, don’t let your feelings stop you from giving thanks to God.

There is still so much that is working, enough for you to be thankful, if we only look around us with open eyes and hearts. Here are a few things to be thankful for this season.

  • Be thankful for your life. Life is a gift, so many others didn’t make it this far. Where there is life, there is hope!
  • Be thankful for your family and friends. Everyone around you that loves you is another reason for gratitude
  • Be thankful for food, clothes & shelter. Don’t be tempted to overlook the ‘little’ things, remember that these for many is an unaffordable luxury.
  • Be thankful for nature. The sun that gives light in the day, the moon by night, trees, animals, water.. these are all reasons to be grateful!
  • Be thankful for technology! With technology, we have instant access to the entire world with the push of buttons.
  • Be thankful for having a source of income and a medium where you can add value to the world.
  • Be thankful for your challenges. Adversity challenges us to grow, It may not be palatable but it is sometimes needful.
  • Be thankful for the love of God! God is our hope and assurance that all will be well.


I encourage you today to uncover all the many blessings in your life and thank God for them.

I would love to hear what you are grateful for! Tweet at me @nikeadeyemi with #grateful!

It is a season for gratitude! Enjoy the holidays..

In His Love,

Nike Adeyemi


The Leadership Strategies Of Jesus

The higher you go in leadership and influence, the more vulnerable you become.

Jesus was a great leader and his leadership was about Love and Faith. As our influence grows, we must ensure we walk according the leadership example set by Jesus.


A leader is sensitive to the needs of the people ahead of time and seeks to add value to them. Jesus was a man of strategy and order. Our approach to leadership must be strategic and orderly.

The leadership edge Jesus deployed was Love. When you love deeply you will receive creativity on how to serve. As a leader, check your love walk. When that is in place the ideas on how to serve your people will flow.


A leader must define their personal values and not stray from them, lead from who you are and where you are.

Jesus led with Excellence, pay attention to the details of your assignment. Do it with excellence.
Understanding your place and uniqueness will help deal with ‘insecurities’ that plague leaders.When you love people, God will give you creative ways to serve them.


I pray for grace for you to lead with excellence in Jesus name.

In His Love,

Nike Adeyemi


If asked this moment, “Who are you?” What would your answer be? Can you clearly articulate who you are and what your values are?

Your sense of identity is one of the most powerful tools to living a successful life, you must know who you are, not what people or circumstances has called you.


Beyond earthly titles and designations, it is important have an accurate picture of who God says you are. We see this concept of identity many times in the Bible. To Jacob, the angel said, ‘’Who are you and what is your name?” Yet the angel must have already known who Jacob was. So why did he ask?

Usually, when God asks such a question, it isn’t because he doesn’t already know the answer, He wants to test your understanding. To move to the next level, you must first recognise where you are and make the necessary progress required to move up.


Jesus tested his disciples by asking, ‘’Who do men say that I am?’’ And they gave him all kinds of answers. Boaz said, ‘’who are you?’’ and the woman said, ‘’I’m Ruth your maidservant; take your maidservant under your wings because you are a close relative.’’

Don’t let your life be controlled or dominated by guilt, past mistakes and other people. God didn’t create you to be controlled by other people. He created us to be led by his Spirit.

The Holy Spirit gently guides us and expects us to respond to his leading. Don’t let your life and values to be defined by what other people have said about you.

Know who you are in Christ.


No matter where you have been and what you have done, renew your mind and have an accurate understanding of your new identity.

I pray that you receive a fresh revelation of your true identity in Jesus name.

In His Love

Nike Adeyemi