The Leadership Strategies Of Jesus

The higher you go in leadership and influence, the more vulnerable you become.

Jesus was a great leader and his leadership was about Love and Faith. As our influence grows, we must ensure we walk according the leadership example set by Jesus.


A leader is sensitive to the needs of the people ahead of time and seeks to add value to them. Jesus was a man of strategy and order. Our approach to leadership must be strategic and orderly.

The leadership edge Jesus deployed was Love. When you love deeply you will receive creativity on how to serve. As a leader, check your love walk. When that is in place the ideas on how to serve your people will flow.


A leader must define their personal values and not stray from them, lead from who you are and where you are.

Jesus led with Excellence, pay attention to the details of your assignment. Do it with excellence.
Understanding your place and uniqueness will help deal with ‘insecurities’ that plague leaders.When you love people, God will give you creative ways to serve them.


I pray for grace for you to lead with excellence in Jesus name.

In His Love,

Nike Adeyemi


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