Embraced By Love

We are commanded to love God passionately and be embraced by His love, if we understand His love, so many things that seem confusing in our lives will fall into place.

God’s thoughts towards us are deep, giving us a future, hope, and an expected end. His love is not an ordinary love; it is unconditional with no strings attached.

God is love and that He loves you is not just a cliché. Believe with a deep conviction in the love that God has for you. Be rooted and have confidence in it. You should trust in His love even when you feel unloved or unworthy. When doubt sets into your heart about God’s love for you, don’t allow it, just hold on to God’s love.


Whenever you are tired, burdened and don’t feel loved or feel like loving, ask the Holy Spirit to refresh your heart. Sing love songs to God! Sonorous or not; just minister to him all the same because he enjoys your worship.

God feeds on our praise and He cherishes our worship. Tell him, “God I love you, help me to love you more and let your love be perfected in me”. When you think deeply about his love it will give you grace and strength to love others, if you refuse to love people, you are yielding to the flesh and not to God. Ask the Lord to help you love, just the way He loves Ask God for the grace to love your spouse even when he or she is being difficult, also to train and nurture your children in love.

Idolatry is a sin against God. He doesn’t want us to have any other god besides Him, sometimes we esteem money, jewelry, shoes, clothes or our looks above God. This shouldn’t be so.


Such attitudes communicate to God that He is not our number one priority despite the fact that we say and sing that we love Him. Check your motives. Whatever you do for God should be out of love.

Don’t complain or grumble about your service to God. Count it a privilege to serve Him. I encourage you to re-affirm your love for God and make a decision to love Him forever.
Walk with Him, commune with Him and also take your strength and identity from Him.

I pray that you receive the grace to go on a new level in your love walk with God this season in Jesus name.


In His Love

Nike Adeyemi


Balance Your Life

Striking a healthy balance between work, family and personal life should be a priority for everyone. An unbalanced home/work life can result in poor health, family conflict, poor performance & even financial loss.

Some benefits of a healthy work-life balance are fulfillment, health, greater productivity and stronger relationships. Having work‐life balance increases productivity, improves your happiness and overall job satisfaction.

There are many health risks associated with work – life imbalance:  obesity, irritability and other emotional problems. Other signs of work-life imbalance are extreme fatigue & burn-out, loss of interest, loss of motivation & depression

Time management is crucial to achieving work – life balance and it is a skill that can be learnt.. Know that 24 hours is enough. Stop confusing the urgent with the important. Urgent tasks do need to be done quickly, but that does not make them important, important tasks are the ones that help us meet our goals.


Learn to say no to unscheduled demands on your time, yet stay flexible so you can accommodate new and interesting opportunities.  In order to effectively manage time and live a balanced life, you must set goals and make feasible plans to achieve them.

We can’t attain real greatness if we are not organized and goal-oriented.
It is so important to plan because we have so much to do at any given time and it could be very overwhelming if we don’t learn proper organization.  When we fail to plan, we find out that at the end of the day, we don’t get as much done yet we are stressed.

Luke 14:28 talks about counting the cost before building the house. It is important for you to plan and take stock of what you are about to do.

Don’t be someone who has a ‘to do’ list and never looks at it, who then gets into a panic the day he stumbles on it. A lot of interruptions come into your day through phone calls, SMS, emails and chat but when you are organized and plan your day, interruptions will be minimized.


Lastly, learn to relax and unwind. Leave work stress at work and take out some minutes of ‘me time’ to de-stress in the evenings, If you have to turn off your data or phone, do so and get the needed rest.

Schedule time out with your family and loved ones, nourish those relationships also.

I encourage you to plan and balance your life such that no area suffers.  You will succeed in Jesus name.

In His love,

Nike Adeyemi


Life may throw up challenges with the capacity to cause us physical, mental and emotional pain. Some people in our lives may also hurt us so badly and the resultant pain can be crippling

In spite of the pain, hurt and disappointment you may have gone through, God can heal and restore you.. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother and He desires for you to hand every pain over to Him.

God is willing to help with the areas of our lives with which we struggle, if only we come to Him.22

He is the Beautifier who desires to beautify our lives if only we trust Him.

We need to receive our healing so we can be free to be a source of blessing to our world. Be deliberate about your healing. Don’t let the past hinder you from walking into all that God has prepared for you in destiny.

Embrace God’s love and let it wash away every pain and from inside of you will arise a passion to help others. Know that God is the reason why things are not worse than they are. Live a life of praise. It is God that wakes you up every morning. Let gratitude fill your heart when you wake up.


You are special to God. Forgive and let go so you can shine like a star that you truly are.

The same River Nile that was supposed to kill Moses saved him. The same circumstance that is causing you pain can be used by God to bring you fame.

You are not ordinary because God is with you on this journey so don’t be afraid, you will come out victorious.

I pray that God wipes away every pain and reassures you of His love in Jesus name.

In His Love,

Nike Adeyemi.



Do Not Fear!

The uncertainties of the future might makes it difficult for us to leave our comfort zone, however we should never forget that our security is in God who owns and knows the future.

Fear is a hindrance to fulfilling purpose; fear of rejection, shame or death. When fear shows up, confront it with the word of God. If God called you, be rest assured that He will help you. Be confident of this fact and give no room to fear.



You have to be bold and courageous to do what God has called you to do; do it inspite of fear because you are convinced it is what you are meant to do. The scary thoughts in your heart are the propaganda of the enemy to stop you in your tracks.

Doing precedes success. When you are bold to do what God has called you to do, you get the reward of fulfillment. You have victory upfront in Christ; fight from a victory point of view.


John the Baptist knew his place and he told the people around him when they asked him. Though his place might not have been very big and awesome like that of Jesus; he knew and was confident of his place.

Lastly, look up to God and not to any man or woman. Put God first on your priority list, it is your walk with God that really matters because He is the one that would place your feet on the solid ground.

This new week, as you choose faith over fear, may God back you up in Jesus name.

In His Love,

Nike Adeyemi.