What Do You See?

Your vision for yourself will ultimately become your reality, what you see is what you become. So, what do you see?

No matter the trials or challenges you face, push through it by God’s grace! Like the prophet Jeremiah in the Bible, we are prepared for our purpose from the moment we were conceived.

Stop describing yourself by your physical composition or limitations; call yourself what God has called you. When you begin to see yourself as what God has called you, speak it out, let your words agree with the revelation you have.

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The word of God is powerful & transformative but your mental picture has to align with it for you to walk in its reality, our mindset and what we see internally is very key, it produces the realities we see in our lives.

What you see constantly, you become. You don’t have to struggle, it is a principle. Once you get revelation & a picture of your desired future, hold on to it. Even if you waver in faith sometimes, hold on to it!

Displace every negative picture with the word of God, don’t be discouraged, if you believe and hold on in faith, the word of God will replicate itself in your life.

Abraham, the Father of faith had his doubts too but He was reassured by God and eventually got the fulfillment of the promise. God asked Jeremiah, “What do you see?” because He needed him to see the right things so that He could take him to new level

You have to keep the word of God before you constantly, meditating on His promises to see its manifestation, the enemy tries to discourage and distract us from meditating & envisioning our future in God but we have to be mindful.

27 (3)

Circumstances may arise that makes us doubt God’s promise, don’t stay in doubt, bring back the picture of your revelation! The woman with the ‘issue of blood’ in the Bible envisioned herself as healed, she reached out in faith and was healed.

Prayer clarifies your revelation and keeps you connected to the source of the vision – God. As parents or custodians of young people, we need to be there for them and help them become grounded them in the Word of God.

God made us in His image and gave us dominion. Your dominion is dependent on the image you hold on your heart. This season, align your mental picture with God’s design, you will begin to live an amazing life.

Ask God to give you an accurate picture of your future, let it be stamped clearly on your heart. I pray for an enlarged vision for you and grace to walk in the reality of God’s promises to you.


In His Love

Nike Adeyemi


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